Nagel’s Foods offers food trailer for events

We can set up anywhere.

Worried that we can’t make it to your event’s location? Don’t worry. We can set up our food trailer for events just about anywhere. Just make sure to provide thorough information about the event’s location, and how you plan to have everything set up. That way, we can accommodate perfectly.

State approved mobile catering company.

We are able to cater to such a variety of locations because we are licensed mobile catering company by the Michigan State Department, and met all Serve Safe requirements. So, we don’t run into any issues, we keep up to date on all of our paperwork, legal statuses, and our employee training materials. This means you won’t have to worry about any issues when booking us.

Each event should have a personalized touch.

While our trailers and stands are known for their bright painted signs and friendly staff, we like to cater to each specific client. You’ve spent countless hours on this event, and you should get the best of the best. Even if it’s a small touch, we work to personalize each party.

Here are a few examples of event types:

·         Music festivals

·         County and state fairs

·         Weddings

·         Family reunions

·         Birthday parties

·         Community events

·         Corporate events

·         School functions

·         Professional meetings

Have an event coming up that isn’t on the list? Call us and see what we can work out for you. This is just a list of the most common events. Plus, we aren’t afraid to try a new event or new venue!

Don’t wait any longer. Book a food trailer for events!

Our open dates are quickly filling up. Call us today to ask any questions you may have, or go ahead and book your event. We look forward to fitting the right menu and food stand to your party! You can call us at: 9892051212.