2014 Food Concessions- Our Commitment and Promise!

It’s 2014 and we consider it a great opportunity to re-state our commitment to our customers and the American food concessions industry. To introduce ourselves, Nagelsfoods has been in the food concession business for more than 30 years. This is our business, our passion and not something we do once in a while.

We have a complete line of mobile  food trailers and drink carts to ensure quick delivery at events or food festivals. Even when space is an issue, we have an array of  small cart that will put to good use the limited space available,  while still serving you.

We are determined more than ever before to run a clean and efficient mobile food business that will serve the yearnings and aspirations  of our esteem customers. Our menu is filled with lots of nourishing goodness to fill your belly and quench your taste. We have got hot pizza baked hot from the ovens, tasty bbq, cold yoghurt , fresh and old squeezed lemonade, and tropical smoothies  with refreshing quality taste. Our concession stand also serves fresh cut French fries, ice cream of exciting flavors, sandwiches, chicken tenders, smoked sausage  and lots more.

To ensure that our esteemed customers are receiving the remarkable  quality they deserve and crave for, Nagels is proud to engage the services of its well experienced, competent  staff at the kitchen. After all, there is yet no alternative to quality, and remarkable quality is what keeps our loyal customers returning to us every year.

Owing to the huge variety of foods available here , we are so fortified to handle all of  your food choices at special events, no matter how large your event may be. If needed, we can go the extra mile to  supply the water and power required at the event. This is because we realize that water and power are valuable assets to an event held in open fields with no access to water and electric power. We can do it!

Even though they are at special events or festivals, families should be able to sit together while enjoying their meals. That is our belief! And we will provide you with tents and proper sitting arrangements that meet this requirements.

Interestingly, Nagel’s also offers great opportunities for movie prop rentals. You can get great  movie props for rent at moderate prices. Helping you achieve success  to shoot that great movie of your dreams is what we yearn for. So, you need not drain your budget to buy expensive movie props for sale. Instead, we will provide you with the affordable option to buy all the items and products you need to shoot your movie at cheap prices.

We are poised to give the best food concessions services  to our customers at affordable prices. Call us today on 989-205-1212 and let us meet your needs.


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